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Special Education Office
Phone (248) 658-5204

Director of Student Services
Dr. Judy Berger
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Director's Secretary
Lynne Lawson

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Welcome to Hazel Park Schools

The Hazel Park School District is pleased and proud to introduce you to the services provided by our special education department.

Hazel Park Schools offers a full continuum of services to meet the needs of students eligible for special education programming. Most students receive educational support in their neighborhood schools. Special education services are available at all of the district's schools. Students who require more support than is available in their neighborhood school may attend programs at designated schools within the district or a regional center program

Please view the attached "Parent Guide To Special Education" for specific details on programs. Included are definitions of terms, and a list of available resources.

Hazel Park Schools is committed to providing its students with a free appropriate public education in an age appropriate, least restrictive environment.

Questions? Contact the Special Education Department at 1620 E. Elza, Hazel Park, Michigan 48030, (248) 658-5204.



Hazel Park Schools Process for Determination of Specific Learning Disabilities

Hazel Park Schools uses a Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses Process for the determination of a Specific Learning Disability for all buildings and all grades in the district and includes the following:

1. The student does not achieve adequately for the student's age or to meet State-approved grade-level standards in one or more of the areas identified at 34 CFR §300.309(a)(1)(i) when provided with learning experiences and instruction appropriate for the student's age or State-approved grade-level standards; and

2. The student exhibits a pattern of strengths and weaknesses in performance, achievement, or both, relative to age, State-approved grade-level standards, or intellectual development, that is determined by the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) to be relevant to the identification of a SLD, using appropriate assessments, consistent with the IDEA Evaluation Procedures and Additional Requirements for Evaluations and Reevaluations.

In making a determination as to whether a student has or continues to have a specific learning disability, Hazel Park Schools will also comply with all applicable federal regulations and State rules, including those addressing comprehensive evaluations, determination of the existence of a specific learning disability, observation of academic performance and behavior in the area(s) of difficulty, specific documentation for SLD eligibility determination, and reevaluation requirements.


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Parent Guide To Special Education

Procedural Safeguard Notice - by Michigan Department of Education

Anti-Bullying Policy




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